Creditor Rights in Liquidation & Administration

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Supporting Creditors Rights in Liquidation

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Supporting Creditors Rights in Liquidation

What do these mean?

Company's name

The name of the company that has gone into liquidation.


Australian Company Number/Australian Business Number


The name of the liquidator or administrator who has been assigned to the company.

Date Appointed

The date the liquidator or administrator takes control of the company.

Liquidation Type

The three most common insolvency procedures are: • voluntary administration • liquidation • receivership.
It’s important to understand what each of these mean.

Proof of Debt Due

Last day for submission of your Proof of Debt. Use the appointee’s form, ask us about our Proof of Debt form or purchase the Creditor Rights Package


The name of the Liquidator or Administrator.

Petitioning Creditor

The person or entity that has initiated the legal action to recover their debt.

Petitioning Creditor's Solicitor

The name of the Petitioning Creditor’s solicitor.

Directions Hearing

The date of the hearing for the matter to be discussed in court.

Creditor Meeting Dates

The liquidator/administrator will set dates for meetings either in person or online, as required. It’s important to attend or nominate a proxy to represent your interests.