Creditor Rights in Liquidation & Administration

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Supporting Creditors Rights in Liquidation

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Supporting Creditors Rights in Liquidation

Someone Owing You Money Bankrupt or Insolvent?

Business Debt Recovery - getting paid when your customer goes broke

We are Business Debt Collection and Insolvency Specialists and we want you to get paid. Our Creditor Offer package is designed to do just that

Your fixed fee package of $330 incl GST includes:

  • Advice on the best way to collect the debt.
  • A Letter of Demand (if appropriate).
  • If you have a Personal Guarantee, a preliminary investigation into the director’s assets.
  • Review of your Proof of Debt in the administration.
  • Advice on what Creditor Report really means and how you should vote.
  • Review of Terms of Trade to make sure you are protected going forward.


What we need from you: 

  • Copy of outstanding invoices and statement.
  • Your Terms of Trade.
  • Any Creditor Report you have.
  • Your payment for $330.

Our online application form makes it quick and easy:

All of this from a solicitor who specializes in debt collection and insolvency

Bruce Pasetti